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LOV members get discounts, deals, perks and access to win prizes for our contests. We love bringing you cool  equipment to help your skills improve, comfortable active wear that’s perfect for the volleyball lifestyle and other neat stuff or inside access and ways to get the volleyball swag you love! Your feedback is valuable, so if you have a great deal and want to share it with our community, please contact us today! Check out what we have so far below and be sure to become a member so we can send you discount codes and our other inside partner perks.


Sweet Volleyball Sarong

This super soft sarong is hand made in Bali, Indonesia. One of the most widely used garments and accessories in the world, we have this very customized design just for volleyball! Each sarong is made using the ancient Art of Batik handed down through generations. Sarongs can be used as a quick cover-up, wrapped skirt, scarf, shawl or as a light blanket, wall hanging, table cover or bed spread.




LIFE OF VOLLEYBALL T-shirts and Tank Tops are available in many colors and sizes. They are made with extra soft and comfortable materials specifically meant you the active movement out on the court or just sporting around on a night out on the town. Be an ambassador for our community and help us share the LOV of the game. Our ultimate goal here at Life of Volleyball is to grow our community, grow the game and if it's in the cards, build more volleyball facilities all over the world. Coming soon.

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