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Sinjin Smith, Volleyball Ambassador

With 139 winning titles on the beach, Sinjin Smith is one of the most successful and well-known volleyball players in the history of the sport. His winning history is amazing, but ultimately it’s his continued efforts throughout his life that has earned him the title of the Volleyball Ambassador of the World.

Christopher St. John "Sinjin"Smith (born May 7, 1957 in Santa Monica, California) won one U.S. championship and two World championships with Randy Stoklos. Sinjin and Randy won a total of 114 tournaments, more than any team to date. Sinjin began to compete as a professional in the two man beach volleyball tournaments of Southern California at the young age of fifteen.

For all his records as a beach volleyball player, Sinjin is perhaps just as well known for his service to the game off the court. Author, commentator, entrepreneur, actor, coach, ambassador—even model—Sinjin has been a cultural force in the sport his entire life. He’s made appearances in television series, commercials and motion pictures, including the hit TV show Magnum P.I. and the Tri-Star feature film Side Out. Sinjin has appeared on the pages of many magazines, includingSports Illustrated, Esquire andVolleyball Magazine. Now retired from active competition, Sinjin is called upon regularly to provide commentary for media outlets such as NBC Sports, Turner Sports, Fox Sports Net and ESPN2.

Volleyball Tips from Sinjin:

  1. Train with the intensity you would be playing in an event

  2. Simulate the moves you'll use the most on the court as if you are in the game

  3. Do repetitive jumps in many different directions. 10 Reps at a time

  4. Burpees are one of the best exercises to do to strengthen your entire body

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