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Troy Field - Best Jumping Skills on the Beach

Troy Field grew up in San Clemente, CA playing soccer and football, then moved down to Lafayette, Louisiana and finished high school at Acadiana High. Troy decided to come back to California while the 2012 Olympics were going on and that is where Troy found his love for volleyball. Troy decided to pursue a career in beach volleyball in 2017.

1-on-1 (Ep.3) TROY FIELD: “The things I learned about volleyball I apply to life.”

2019 AVP Hermosa Player Highlights Troy Field

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Volleyball Magazine

SANDCAST: Troy Field, more than just the guy in the pink hat

by Travis Mewhirter

Both physically and metaphorically. Field’s matches invariably draw some of the biggest crowds to watch him go up up up. He wishes he could explain it, too, that massive, explosive, enviable vertical of his. Wishes he could give a legitimate answer to the legions of fans who ask how he jumps so high and if he can teach them. He feels bad that his only answer is really a shrug and a sheepish grin that implies the gift of God and genetics.

“I feel so bad because I’m not that person who trained it out,” Field said. “I’m not the guy who repped it out. It didn’t come from me. It’s a God-given thing.”

Field is more than an enormous vertical. Far more. When the AVP needs a volunteer for its AVP First events, Field is one of the first to sign up. During season, at the Sunday clinics, lest Field be playing in the semifinals or finals, he’ll be coaching the kids. This off-season, he’s been traveling back and forth, doing South of the Border Volleyball Vacations and multiple events in Texas. He’ll be the first to engage with fans, both in person and on social media.

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