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Our Mission

This is a membership site of people who LOVE the game of volleyball! We are players for players and our mission is to bring you the best of everything volleyball.


Join now and start earning points to access new levels and rewards. It’s time to unlock the best of Life of Volleyball.

We love having your input and feedback and encourage you to TAKE OUR SURVEY, follow us, like us. We want to know how we can serve you as a player, a coach, a fan and as a community to continue to support the growth of this amazing sport.

So far what we've heard is that you want to play more, find other players at your level and find more facilities and places to play. This site is dedicated to you, so we are building it to provide these requests. Having it be a membership site, we encourage you to BECOME A MEMBER, invite and share this site with your friends and support us as we build out our map and discover ALL THE PLACES TO PLAY VOLLEYBALL INTERNATIONALLY!

Our vision is to build our community here and create a foundation to ultimately build more facilities so that we can all play volleyball our entire life!


Live the dream and live the LIFE OF VOLLEYBALL.

We put this little video together... just because it's so fun!


Laura Hendrickson

Founder of Life of Volleyball

I was training in LA in Santa Monica and we had finished and just relaxing for a moment when I noticed a group of older gentlemen playing across the boardwalk. As they laughed and enjoyed the game, one of them shouted out, “Hey George, Happy 80th Birthday!” Even though I'd been playing volleyball since I was 9, it was in that moment that I knew I wanted to play until I was 80.

My name is Laura Hendrickson. I love every moment that I get to play the game and support those who love it too!


  • Started playing at age 9

  • CIF Champs at Torrey Pines HS

  • State Champs for California with Cuesta JC in 1986

  • Named All-American in 1989

  • Earned AAA in 1992

  • Pro Beach Volleyball 1993-1996

  • Founded nonprofit, San Diego BIG

  • Founded Life of Volleyball 2018

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